Happy Tango Updates – July 2015

2nd Edition Happy Tango 9780956530615September 2015. Update below in red. Sunderland has re-opened!

It’s been a while since I posted on this blog. Life goes by in a whirl, and happily I know that the majority of my book Happy Tango remains useful, even if there are a few changes to venues and milongas as time passes. I often meet people who are using Happy T. and they are usually only wanting to tell me how helpful it has been to them! It makes my day every time.

Lately though the city Government in Buenos Aires has closed a few venues (after regulatory checks), Club Sunderland is the venue from Happy Tango that is currently closed RE_OPENED!!! Its closure has been covered in the foreign press, perhaps giving the impression that ALL the milongas have been closed, which is NOT TRUE!

The majority of Buenos Aires tango venues remain open or have re-opened after closure, and as the tourist season (because of summer holidays in Europe and the World Tango Championships and Festival 14-27 August) starts to ramp up, I am sure they will be packed. Someone in the UK asked me about this point though, just the other day, so I thought it worth clarifying here… MOST BUENOS AIRES MILONGAS REMAIN OPEN! Come and dance!

You can keep an eye on what’s happening with Club Sunderland here at the FB page of Milonga Malena (normally Saturdays in Club Sunderland).

Since my last round of updates, the main big recent change from the 21 places to try first in Happy Tango, is that Porteño y Bailairin is no longer in its Riobamba home; it moved to Casa de Galicia for a while, though on new nights of the week, but I’m not sure if it’s still on there or not (update October 2015) – Facebook group here.

Don’t forget that since Happy Tango 2nd Ed. was published, the excellent App (and website) Hoy-Milonga became available. They do a good job of updates, so you can check what’s on on any given day. Things can always change at the last minute though, so the only way to be really sure is to check with the organisers of any milonga you plan to visit, or turn up and take the chance! But you already know that, right?


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