Happy Tango Update 3: La Garufa, Tango Crew and Loca!

This is an update to Happy Tango: Sallycat’s Guide to Dancing in Buenos Aires, 10 More Places to Explore, pages 152 and 153.

In Buenos Aires, perhaps it’s the newer milongas and prácticas that are prone to most change — less years in a venue, and/or the use of venues not solely used for tango, can mean location moves as organisers seek to find the magic formula of landlord, space, character, night of the week and clientele that will make the dance event a success and sustainable in the longer term.

So far, since the publication of Happy Tango on 30 June 2010, we’ve seen the Informal-style* Práctica X move to a new home (and you can find my previous blog post about that here and the Práctica X website with the latest address and programme here).

Recently I’ve heard of these other changes affecting a couple of the places listed in Happy Tango‘s 10 More Places to Explore. Do scribble any necessary details on to your The Week at a Glance chart on pages 156 and 157 of the book!

First (this information about Loca! updated 9th January 2011), the Informal-style* Milonga Loca! of Sunday nights is on vacation in January 2011 and not operating until further notice. You can find the latest information at the Loca! website locamilonga.blogspot.com and you can join Loca’s Facebook page for updates, too. It’s always a good idea to check the organiser’s website or make a phone call before setting out to dance in Buenos Aires.

Second, the famous Parakultural have turned their organisational attention from the Informal-style* Wednesday night milongas in C.C. Konex to focus on a new (and I’m anticipating, Informal-style*) offering in Club Fulgor de Villa Crespo. The ‘Tango Crew” programme begins TONIGHT, Wednesday 1st December 2010, with the inauguration event. Visit the Parakultural website parakultural.com.ar or the Tango Crew Facebook page for more details. Parakultural continue to host their mega-popular Tourist-circuit-style* milongas in Salon Canning on Monday, Tuesday and Friday nights (so, no change there). Meanwhile, C.C. Konex remains home to La Garfua: Zona Milonga en Konex on Wednesday nights (organised by Gustavo Ameri), and you can see the December programme at the C.C. Konex website or join the La Garufa Zona Milonga en Konex Facebook page for future updates.

Finally, while we’re talking about changes, let me mention one small name and website matter affecting the entry for Club Fulgor on page 145 of Happy Tango. I’ve noticed that the Informal-style* Praktika8 and Milonga10 (also in Club Fulgor, Tuesday and Saturday respectively) are increasingly referred to generically as Milonga10 these days… on the Caseron Porteño Tango Map Guide, for example. There is also a new website that brings everything together at praktika8.milonga10.com. The original separate websites (as given on page 145 of Happy Tango) do redirect to the new webpage (for now), so you shouldn’t have missed out on any news, but it might be worth making a note of the most current web address and remembering that when people say Milonga10 they might mean either Tuesday or Saturday in Club Fulgor.

So, that’s the latest update to Happy Tango: Sallycat’s Guide to Dancing in Buenos Aires. Don’t forget you can receive notice of these blog updates by joining Happy Tango‘s own Facebook page… for those not too familiar with Facebook, you’ll need an account, then go to the page at http://facebook.com/happytango and click the ‘Like’ button at the top of the page: once you’ve ‘Liked’ a Facebook page in this way, you’ll get all updates from it conveniently posted to it direct into your own Facebook feed. Very handy.

Now, armed with this latest information, dear readers, and especially if you are a fan of the more Informal-style* milongas and prácticas in Buenos Aires, go explore!

Many Happy Tangos in Buenos Aires to you all!


*For my definitions of Informal-style and Tourist-circuit-style (and, of course, Traditional-style, too) you’ll have to read Happy Tango. In the book, I define and use these three broad categories in an attempt to guide visitors to the venues, milongas and prácticas in Buenos Aires that are most likely to be some of their ‘tango homes’. People tell me that it works!


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