Happy Tango 2nd Edition updates round-up March 2013

2nd Edition Happy Tango 9780956530615A few recent changes in Buenos Aires warrant a mention, in the interests of keeping Happy Tango 2nd Edition readers up to date. Here is the round up of everything I’ve heard about since the 2nd Edition of Happy Tango: Sallycat’s Guide to Dancing in Buenos Aires was published in November 2012.

Post updated with new news 6th April 2013.

If you prefer more immediate updates than these occasional round-ups, I usually post things as soon as I hear of them on the Happy Tango Facebook Page, here.

Happy dancing to you all!

Práctica X has closed after a presence of almost 9 years.

TANGOCOOL (Fridays, Club Villa Malcolm) has also closed after 9 years, but is replaced by ZUM Práctica de tango (Fridays, Club Villa Malcolm, práctica from 11.30pm after classes from 8.30pm) from Friday 29th March.

El Maipú no longer on Saturdays in La Nacional or Fridays in Casa de Galicia. El Maipú continues in La Nacional on Mondays.

Mi Refugio which closed on Wednesdays in La Nacional some time ago, returns on occasional dates, next one 14th April with live music from Orquesta Sans Soucí, con el vocalista Chino Laborde: see http://www.lanacionaltango.com/ for the details.

Cachirulo (Saturdays, Club Villa Malcolm) will be moving to a new home, Obelisco Tango at Entre Rios 1056 from Saturday 20th April with a new start time of 8pm, but until then it continues in Club Villa Malcolm on Saturdays from 9pm. Tuesdays in El Beso remain unchanged.

The new tango venue Obelisco Tango opens on Friday 19th April with Milonga de BsAs from 5pm to 3am. Various milongas including Cachirulo Saturdays (see above) are moving/opening there; call back to this blog for news.

Saturday night in Club Sunderland is now Milonga Malena Sunderland Club organised by Liliana and Jorge Rodriguez, from 11pm.

Thursday April 4th is to be the last ever Niño Bien in Centro Región Leonesa… end of an era as this article from the blog of the newspaper La Nación explains: http://blogs.lanacion.com.ar/maldito-tango/sin-categoria/cierra-nino-bien-el-fin-de-epoca-dorada/

The El Amague Tango School now holds its classes at CAMPICHUELO 472 (between Aranguren and Avellaneda), CABALLITO, always keep an eye on the website for updates.

Devora M. tango clothing (mentioned in the book under ‘Dress for success’ in Part 2) for women is now closed.

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