What’s new? Happy Tango 2nd Edition updates – November 2014

2nd Edition Happy Tango 9780956530615To keep Happy Tango 2nd Edition readers up to date, here are the main changes that I know of to the milongas and practicas mentioned in the 2nd Edition of the book, since the last Happy Tango updates post.

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Most recently in November 2014, MILONGA10 has left Club Fulgor and is looking for a new home, so at the moment no MILONGA10 on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Watch MILONGA10’s Facebook page for news.

Since the venue known as Boedo Tango at 3330 San Juan closed in August, Sueño Porteño Wednesdays moved to Centro Región Leonesafrom 7pm to 3am. Sueño Porteño Sundays is in Club Gricel from 6pm to 2am.

Thursday’s Soho Tango had moved to Salon Canning but for the moment at least is back in Club Villa Malcolm – please keep an eye on Soho Tango’s Facebook page for venue details week to week. UPDATE: Back in Salon Canning from 13th November 2014!

La Maria Tango update their website with details of events and venues, so best to check it out direct at lamariatango.com.ar.

La Milonguita Sundays has a new home at Club Ciudad de Buenos Aires in barrio Nuñez (8pm – 2am), and continues in the very lovely Sala Siranush in Palermo on Wednesdays (7pm – 1am).

Obelisco Tango has seen a few changes. and I’ve updated this post (click here) about Obelisco with the latest milonga schedule as of November 2014.

Don’t forget that since Happy Tango 2nd Ed. was published, the excellent App (and website) Hoy-Milonga became available. They do a good job of updates, so you can check what’s on on any given day. Things can always change at the last minute though, so the only way to be really sure is to check with the organisers of any milonga you plan to visit, or turn up and take the chance! But you already know that, right?


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