2nd Edition Paperback Out NOW!

2nd Edition Happy Tango 9780956530615 Happy Tango 2nd Edition Announcement

In some ways making a second edition of a book is easier — both the creative thinking and the problem-solving  re how to get it to market are already done. In other ways it’s a far tougher job, because, in all honesty, the creative work is almost all of the fun!

However, I always intended to try to publish an updated edition of  Happy Tango around two years after it was first published (June 2010), and so I have done it — all in the interests of keeping tango travellers up to date and my book as useful as possible. The advice stays pretty much the same, as it’s still relevant and current. The facts get a full refresh as of November 2012. I hope you will buy the new edition, and that you will have a wonderful time using it.

If you have enjoyed using Happy T. (as I call it), please consider writing a great review of it on Amazon or at the online retailer where you bought it. Self-published authors, like me, rely heavily on word of mouth to spread good word about their books. I’d like to wholeheartedly thank everyone who wrote a ‘five star’ review of the 1st edition of Happy Tango, and I’m absolutely delighted to have included snippets of many of those reviews in the front of the 2nd edition. You can read them here.

Buy your copy of the 2nd Edition (publish date 30 November 2012)  Happy Tango via the links in the side bar of this page. The Book Depository sometimes offers a discount as well as free delivery to most countries. Amazon UK usually stocks Happy Tango with a free delivery option. Barnes and Noble may offer faster supply times than Amazon USA. Links to the e-versions of the book will be added. The paper version of the book is not available in Buenos Aires, please buy before travelling.

Join the book’s Facebook page and follow the Updates Blog for updates to the second edition; I will do my best to keep my finger on the pulse and to pass on any news to you.

Spread word of Happy Tango to your friends and encourage them to buy it too.

Enjoy using the book!