October 2012 update: Confiteria Ideal, La Nacional, El Beso, Centro Región Leonesa, Centro Montañés

Postcard image of Happy Tango, the guide book for tango dancersTime to gather together a few of the more recent changes in Buenos Aires that affect the venues and milongas featured in the first edition of Happy Tango. Many of these have already been posted on the Happy Tango Facebook page — do join the page and check it regularly (as Facebook doesn’t always show page posts in your News Feed), I usually always post updates there first as it’s a way of getting news to you more quickly than waiting for enough updates to warrant an Updates Blog post.

The sad news…

The Monday afternoon milonga La Firulete in Confiteria Ideal has closed.

The Wednesday evening milonga Mi Refugio in La Nacional has closed.

The Friday evening milonga Entre Tango y Tango in Centro Región Leonesa has closed.

The good news…

Centro Montañés has reopened for tango: La Milonguita has returned there (Sunday from 8pm), and La Milonguita Palermo continues in Sala Siranush on Wednesday. The milonga Vida Mia has returned to Centro Montañés on Friday.

At last El Beso has a website at elbesotangobar.com.ar featuring its milonga and class schedules. Also, when I passed by the other day I noticed that its famous red door has been painted black and there is a new poster up on the wall outside detailing the current schedule.

The super-useful-for-dancers-planning-tango-travels-to-Buenos-Aires news…

The second edition of Happy Tango is now in the hands of a small group of test readers (real first-time and multi-time tango travellers) who are trying it out and checking its accuracy in the milongas of Buenos Aires. The new edition will be available to buy (and this time I plan to make it available in both paper and electronic formats) soon. More news on this as I have it, but my wish is that it will be out in the world in time for you to buy it for all your tango-travelling friends for Christmas 2012!

Hasta pronto and very many Happy Tangos to you all,


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