Kindle edition of Happy Tango 2nd Edition available worldwide!

Kindle edition Happy Tango

I originally intended Happy Tango to be an ebook… it’s only taken me about five years to get there!

I had the first idea for Happy Tango back in 2008. I published the 1st edition paperback in 2010 and the 2nd edition paperback in 2012. Now, finally, in January 2013, the Amazon Kindle edition is available! I hope that the e-version will soon be available on other e-reader platforms too, but I’m starting with the Kindle because it’s the most straightforward in terms of publishing method and it has an impressive almost-global reach.

Of course you don’t actually need an Amazon Kindle in order to buy the Kindle edition because you can also use Kindle software on iPhone, iPad or computer.  One cool thing with the Kindle edition is that we’ve made the A to Z topic list in Part 2 of the book clickable, so you can click and go straight to the subject of your choice. I’m grateful to eBook Architects for their work to re-format the book for Kindle, not an easy task with a non-fiction book like Happy Tango that has so many tables on its pages.

You can download a free sample, so you can try before you buy.

Click here for the link to download a free sample from Amazon UK.
Click here for the link to download a free sample from Amazon USA.

You can do the same from your Amazon Kindle Store wherever you are in the world.

Of course, there’ll be many of us who prefer the real book to the e-book! There’s nothing I like more than scribbling my own notes and updates in pencil all over the pages of any guide book I use. If you want the paper version of the 2nd Edition of Happy Tango, then just use the links on the right of this page to find it as before. But please do so before travelling to Buenos Aires as the paper version of the book is not available for sale in Argentina.

If you decide to buy any version of Happy Tango: Sallycat’s Guide to Dancing in Buenos Aires, thank you! It’s my ongoing wish that you find it enjoyable and useful. I couldn’t be more delighted that at last it is an e-book and can therefore potentially reach more readers.


Kindle edition Happy Tango