On the move from El Beso: Cachirulo, La Bruja, Lujos, La Marshall and Milonga de las Morochas

El Beso to re-open from 31st July 2012, so this post is now history. Check the latest here instead.

Post updated Tuesday 22nd May to reflect most recent changes in Buenos Aires.

Nobody is confirming the long term future of El Beso, but the milongas previously held there are on the move. They are finding new homes fast. I’ll update this page as I hear of each one. So far this is the news:

Cachirulo on Tuesdays is suspended (no longer in Boedo Tango as of Tuesday 22 May). It continues in Club Villa Malcolm on Saturdays.

From Wednesday 25th April, La Bruja is moving to Club Fulgor de Villa Crespo, Loyola 828, with a start time of 9pm.

From Thursday 26th April, Lujos is moving to La Nacional, Alsina 1465, 6.30pm start time.

From Friday 27th April, La Marshall is moving to Alsina 2540, the new Plaza Bohemia, with an 11.30pm start time.

From Saturday 28th April, Milonga De Las Morochas is also moving from El Beso to Alsina 2540, the new Plaza Bohemia. The milonga start time is 10pm.

Fresh starts — here’s wishing success to all!

Thank you Polina Østensvig, recently in Buenos Aires from Oslo, for the gorgeous photograph of the red door of El Beso at the top of this post. It’s a doorway that has welcomed so many from all over the world. I’m saying thank you tonight for all the times it has welcomed me since 2007 when I first danced there.


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