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Happy Tango readers in Buenos Aires and on the beach

Happy Tango: Sallycat’s Guide to Dancing in Buenos Aires consistently received excellent reviews since it was first published in 2010, and helped tango dancers from all over the world to confidently and successfully tackle their Buenos Aires tango travels.

I now think of the book as a joyful slice of Buenos Aires tango-life history.

I can’t imagine updating the book. It was of its time.

Here’s what I originally wrote about the book here back in 2012 when the second edition was published…

The second edition contains the same great no-nonsense advice as the first edition and offers details of the Buenos Aires tango scene and other essential Buenos Aires practicalities as of late 2012.

Be ‘in the know’ before you travel with the second edition of Happy Tango — paperback and Kindle editions are available!

Kindle UK — click here for the link to download a free sample!

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What dancers say

“… a very well-written, clear and sensible guide to the experience of dancing tango in Buenos Aires and Sally’s tone is rational and no-nonsense… I would VERY highly recommend this book to anyone who is visiting Buenos Aires for the first time.” Terpsichoral TangoaddictBuenos Aires based dancer and blogger at

Read more comments from dancers, teachers and Happy Tango readers here.

What the publisher says

Every tango dancer longs to go to Buenos Aires, but negotiating the complexities, traditions and practicalities of the world centre of tango can be daunting. This essential guide lets you in on everything you need to know, including:

  • 11 rules for discovering the best of Buenos Aires tango
  • An A to Z of indispensable advice to help you fit in fast
  • A simple method for choosing where to dance first

Sallycat followed her own tango heart to Buenos Aires in 2007 and stayed to dance on; Happy Tango distils all her adventures on the city’s dance floors into an honest and inspirational book-shaped friend. If you’re dreaming of tango heaven in Argentina, why go it alone? Travel with Sallycat, and take the journey that’s right for you.

Buy your copy of the 2nd Edition (publish date 30 November 2012)  Happy Tango from Amazon around the world. The paper version of the book is not available in Buenos Aires, please buy before travelling.

What Sallycat says

Thank you for buying Happy Tango.

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Enjoy using the book!

Thanks go to Polina (header image), Julie-Anne (book cover image), J<3 Tango, Helen and Mark for the pics of Happy Tango in Buenos Aires on this page.