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 Happy Tango first edition on beach

Here is the Christmas post direct to you — with news of some places where you can dance in Buenos Aires over Christmas and New Year 2014/15 — from Happy Tango: Sallycat’s Guide to Dancing in Buenos Aires.

Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day fall on Wednesdays and Thursdays this year. If you’re visiting Buenos Aires over the festive period, and using Happy Tango (2nd Edition) as your guide, here are a few places from the book, or from recent updates to it, that are promising Christmas and/or New Year tango. General rule of thumb for Buenos Aires tango over the festive break — quite a few places may open on 25th and 1st, many more places will be CLOSED on 24th and 31st.

Remember that public transport and taxi availability will be reduced, especially on 24th and 31st (the nights of the traditional family meals and celebrations in Argentina), so you might end up having to walk a bit further than usual; do take care as you go, especially as there will doubtless be lots of fireworks going off in the streets and from surrounding rooftops and balconies. As always, make a phone call or check the organiser’s website/Facebook page before setting out, to avoid disappointment!

La Viruta (
Open on Wednesday 24th from midnight, and on Wednesday night of 31st from 1am.

Salon Canning (Soho Tango on Facebook)
Open on Thursday 25th (class at 9pm, milonga at 10.30pm)

Sueño Porteñ0 will be open on Wednesday 31st December, but in OBELISCO TANGO Entre Rios 1056, for a dinner (reservations only) and milonga after, please see details in the Sueño Porteñ0 Facebook post here.

Lujos in El Beso will open as normal, from 6.30pm on Thursday 25th December and 1st January.

If I hear of updates to these or additions, I will try to add them.

Thank you to everyone who has purchased or recommended Happy Tango in 2014. Do remember to tell your tango-dancing friends that the book is now available on Kindle as well as in paperback from Amazon worldwide. Read some reviews. Read some more reviews!

And, whether you’re in Buenos Aires or you’ve got snow or the beach (thanks to JHeart Tango for the photo of the 1st Edition of Happy T. taking a break on a beach somewhere in Australia!) this Christmas, may joy in tango and in life be yours over the festive season and in 2015!


El Beso is open with a full schedule of milongas:

Cachirulo (Tuesday),  Noche de Luna (the new Wednesday night milonga), Lujos (Thursday), La Marshall (gay-friendly) Friday, La Milonga de las Morochas (Saturday), La Milonga de los Domingos El Beso (Sunday).

La Academia Tango Milonguero have their weekly classes and Monday night practica in El Beso, as before.

La Bruja (previously in El Beso) continues on Wednesday night in Club Fulgor.

I’ll update this post with further news as I hear it.

It’s heartening that this much-loved Buenos Aires tango venue has returned to life after a temporary closure. I wish all the milongas and practicas great success in their favoured home, and very Happy Tangos for all who travel from far and wide to dance behind the famous red door of El Beso, first floor, 416 Riobamba (corner with Corrientes).

Thank you Polina Østensvig from Oslo for the photo of dancers inside El Beso at the top of this post.


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Happy Tango. Don’t leave for Buenos Aires without it!

El Beso to re-open from 31st July 2012, so this post is now history. Check the latest here instead.

Post updated Tuesday 22nd May to reflect most recent changes in Buenos Aires.

Nobody is confirming the long term future of El Beso, but the milongas previously held there are on the move. They are finding new homes fast. I’ll update this page as I hear of each one. So far this is the news:

Cachirulo on Tuesdays is suspended (no longer in Boedo Tango as of Tuesday 22 May). It continues in Club Villa Malcolm on Saturdays.

From Wednesday 25th April, La Bruja is moving to Club Fulgor de Villa Crespo, Loyola 828, with a start time of 9pm.

From Thursday 26th April, Lujos is moving to La Nacional, Alsina 1465, 6.30pm start time.

From Friday 27th April, La Marshall is moving to Alsina 2540, the new Plaza Bohemia, with an 11.30pm start time.

From Saturday 28th April, Milonga De Las Morochas is also moving from El Beso to Alsina 2540, the new Plaza Bohemia. The milonga start time is 10pm.

Fresh starts — here’s wishing success to all!

Thank you Polina Østensvig, recently in Buenos Aires from Oslo, for the gorgeous photograph of the red door of El Beso at the top of this post. It’s a doorway that has welcomed so many from all over the world. I’m saying thank you tonight for all the times it has welcomed me since 2007 when I first danced there.


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Happy Tango. Don’t leave for Buenos Aires without it!

This is a summary of a few recent changes to places mentioned in my book Happy Tango: Sallycat’s Guide to Dancing in Buenos Aires. Post updated 24th February to reflect a new home for La Milonguita.

If you want these updates faster than I post them here on the Updates Blog, please join the Happy Tango Facebook Page or visit it regularly; I post things there as soon as I hear of them. These Updates Blog posts tend to come a little later when I have enough news to warrant a full article.

There’s another reason to click the ‘Like’ button on the Facebook page. This blog is for updates to the content of Happy Tango. On the Facebook page I also post news of events in Buenos Aires and of places that aren’t in Happy Tango; so, if you want even more than I offer you in the book, you will find it at, and to get the status updates direct to your Facebook feed you need to ‘Like’ the page.

So, here’s my latest round up of updates at the beginning of February 2012.

La Milonguita (Sundays, page 138 of Happy T.) has a new home! Find this Traditional-style milonga in La Nacional at Alsina 1465, 1st Floor from Sunday 19th February 2012, start time 8pm till the early hours. It is no longer being held in Centro Montanés; don’t travel there for tango. Keep in touch with La Milonguita on Facebook here and at their website here.

Fruto Dulce Tangos is the new and very popular Informal-style* milonga in Club Villa Malcolm on Wednesday nights (replacing TangoLab, mentioned on p143 of Happy T. and which left Villa Malcolm some time ago).

I can’t help loving the Fruto Dulce Tangos brand image of sweet and delicious looking fruits. I have visited the milonga and I think it would be a great place to go with a few friends, or perhaps in a couple as it definitely has a romantic air… low (and disco-style from time to time) lighting. I thought the music seemed a rather romantic selection too, though that may just have reflected my mood, so go with an open mind! Dress is smartish and there is usually a dance exhibition later in the night. You can snack on pizza and the like from the Malcolm kitchen; because the floor is hard-tile not springy-wood you could need a pick-me-up to power your tired feet. Fruto Dulce Tangos have a Facebook page where they publish their events.

Fruto Dulce in Club Villa Malcolm

The new Plaza Bohemia at Alsina 2540 is gradually filling all the nights of the week with milongas and other dance events. Of the milongas mentioned in Happy Tango, Sentimental y Coqueta (Tuesday from 6pm) and Lujos (Sunday from 6.30pm) – both Traditional-style*, are gaining in popularity in this venue. Find out what’s happening on each night here at the venue’s website, and there are also lots of photos to give you an idea of what to expect.

Finally, if you are tango-shoe shopping for ladies shoes and want to visit Taconeando, their showroom has moved from Arenales Street in Recoleta to Avenida Cordoba 4030 on the edge of Palermo. Their website still has the Arenales address (today 2nd February) so perhaps it’s best to friend Taconeando Zapatos de Tango on Facebook for the latest news.

Taconeando advert

I do hope that Happy Tango is continuing to bring you many Happy Tangos in Buenos Aires. Certainly it was wonderful to read the recent blog post from tango dancer and teacher Kamila Lukaszewicz at and to meet her and hear first hand how useful she has found Happy Tango to be. Kamila is using the book in Buenos Aires right now!

If my book Happy Tango has helped you, please pass word of it on to other tango dancers. You could leave a great review on Amazon here or here. You could contact me, via the Contact Us button on this page, for some Happy Tango postcards to display in your tango community. You could share this website or the book’s Facebook page. Any one of those would be absolutely great! Do tell people too that updates are regularly published here and on Facebook too, so the book never really goes out of date. There will be a second edition of the book in due course, but that will inevitably need updates too. That’s guide books for you, eh?

Thank you all for your support and wishing you joy always!


*For my definitions of Traditional and Informal, read Happy Tango. In the book, I define and use three broad categories in an attempt to guide visitors to the venues, milongas and prácticas in Buenos Aires that are most likely to be some of their ‘tango homes’.

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Publication date: 30 June 2010

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***Updated 21 April 2011 to reflect recent changes***

A Happy Tango reader comments on the Happy Tango Facebook page,

I feel sick to my stomach and heartbroken. My favorite venue has closed and I never gave it a proper goodbye.

And I reply,

Neither did I. Just breezed out of there after some incredibly intense tango with some of my fave dance partners, changing my shoes and laughing with my girlfriend in the ladies, kissing the organisers and saying I’d see them in 5 weeks (UK trip), winking at the last man I danced with (very naughty), letting the dark curtain fall back behind me, chattering excitedly as I clomped down the carpeted stairs towards my Monday night pizza… Maybe, giving the space my passion for tango on that last night was the best goodbye of all; it knows that it was loved by our tango hearts and perhaps it is good that there weren’t goodbye tears there, just joy and the energy of the music filling the air. I will be keeping my ear to the ground for its future and will let you know. Just so grateful to have danced there at all.

Me and C. dance merengue in Maipú

Yes, it seems that Maipú 444 (Plaza Bohemia, page 140 of Happy Tango) really has closed. Sold, and with no plans for tango there in the future. I’ll walk past when I’m back in Buenos Aires to pay my respects and whisper my thanks through the doorway and up the stairs that were climbed, over the years, by so many expectant tango-hearts and stepped down by so many tango-tired feet. I’ll tell you what I find there, but, until I’ve actually seen its locked door for myself, there’s a teeny part of me that won’t quite believe it’s over. Perhaps you feel the same.

Meanwhile, here is a quick summary of the state of play for the milongas that were most recently being hosted in the place so often fondly referred to as ‘Maipú’, and that now continue life somewhere new.

Monday: El Maipú has moved to La Nacional at Alsina 1465, first floor, in Monserrat (6pm-1am, reservations 1553170257).

Wednesday: La Marshall (gay-friendly, and featured on page 147 of Happy T.) moves to Club Independencia, first floor, Avenida Independencia 571/2 from Wednesday 2nd March; from April 2011, La Marshall no longer operates on a Saturday, instead they hold a Friday night class and milonga in El Beso, 416 Riobamba; see their Facebook page.

Saturday: Cachirulo moves to Club Villa Malcolm, Cordoba 5064, from Saturday 5th March and continues in El Beso on Tuesdays. You can see the Facebook status update from the organisers of Cachirulo confirming this, here, and you can see the ad for the new Saturday Cachirulo in Villa Malcolm on page 79 of the B.A. Tango magazine edition 206 (in PDF) hereThis YouTube video, by Tango Zen Chan Park, showcases the inauguration of Cachirulo in Malcolm: Inauguración de Milonga Cachirulo en Club Villa Malcolm, el 5 de marzo 2011, by Tangozenhouse; you will see why it is always a good idea to reserve a seat at this popular milonga.

Lujos has no new home for Sundays yet, but continues in El Beso (as usual) on Thursdays, and Sentimental y Coqueta (previously Tuesdays) has no new home either.

Off the subject of the Maipú milongas, other little change to the milongas in Buenos Aires is that La Milonguita (Centro Montanés, page 138 of Happy T.) now only operates on Sundays, not Fridays; Sunday was perhaps always its most popular night, and can be packed; it has a strong local vibe, and unless you are arriving after midnight (when a few people start leaving), you’ll need to reserve. Stay in touch with La Milonguita, via the website Rather splendidly La Milonguita hosted a contest to find the most bewitching piropos (compliments with touches of smarm and even a flash of thinly-veiled lust) in honour of Valentine’s Day 2011; if you speak Spanish, you can enjoy the fabulous entries and winners here. You can also see that I got a little mention for my excited enthusiasm for the event, here on Facebook. It’s so good to support ventures that seem to me to be absolutely in the spirit of ‘Happy Tango’. Centro Montanés is now home to the new milonga Vida Mia on Friday nights.

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