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Updated April 2012 to reflect recent changes in Buenos Aires.

There’s nothing worse than heading to an address in a guidebook only to find the place has closed down or doesn’t have the products that you trekked half way across the city to find. I understand this. Heaven knows, I’ve experienced it myself a few times. It was always my plan to try and avoid this kind of experience with Happy Tango, by structuring the book to be useful over the long term. This appears to have worked: my 11 Rules for Happy Tango in Buenos Aires remain relevant; the A-Z still advises wisely; and the majority of the places mentioned in the book are still going strong.

However, since I’ve been back in Buenos Aires this time round, I’ve noticed a few changes that I want to pass on. I include links to relevant websites or Facebook pages where available. Please check a second source before setting out, just in case something changes after I write this today. Impermanence is the only certainty.

El Amague tango school is now holding all its classes in Congreso at Bartolomé Mitre 1849. This is a tango school (milonguero in style) that seems to move often, so always check their blog before heading to a class. Find it at http://www.elamague.blogspot.com/

2x4alpie shoes are now focusing primarily on men’s tango shoes and practice/trainer-style shoes for the ladies. Unfortunately for me (who believed their heeled-tango-shoes for women to be the most comfortable and versatile on the planet) the only women’s shoes available are flats. Meanwhile men can enjoy a great range of styles (with the unique 2x4alpie interchangeable sole) at the store at Scalabrini Ortiz 1753 Depto 3, Monday to Friday 2-7pm and Saturday 3-7pm.

Tango Moda tango-clothes store is no longer in the stunning Palacio Barolo. The clothes can instead be found at Balcarce 961 10th floor, Apt. 4 in San Telmo and viewing is afternoons only, phone to book an appointment. Their Facebook page gives the following contact information:

Ahora los esperamos en el barrio más tanguero de Buenos Aires, el histórico SAN TELMO. Visitanos en BALCARCE 961 1o “4”, entre Estados Unidos y Carlos Calvo, a 2 cuadras de PLAZA DORREGO. Show-room: Atendemos por la tarde.
Concertar visitas al 4300-3293 (landline) and 15-4033-6746 (cell/mobile).

Another tango-clothes shop, not mentioned in Happy Tango, is Tango Imagen in Abasto at Anchorena 606; they will design something for you or you can buy off the shelf; visitors I meet seem to have enjoyed spending their pesos there, so perhaps you will too. The shop is open 11am-8pm Monday to Saturday, just drop in, no appointment necessary.

A third good option for clothes that work well on the dance floor (and I know because I have bought several items myself!) is Devora M. The Devora M. clothes are occasionally to be found for sale at Buenos Aires milongas, but otherwise viewing is by appointment, with excellent English spoken as the designer is a tango dancer living in Buenos Aires but originally from the USA. Contact info@devoram.com or visit the Devora M Facebook page. To see the clothes for yourself head to etsy.com/shop/devoram where you will find me to be modelling one of my favourite skirts!

If you haven’t already joined, please visit and Like the Happy Tango Facebook page where I post all news as it reaches me (and usually before I write a blog post about it here), news of one-off events or festivals taking place in Buenos Aires and any last-minute news about tango events or milongas. You can comment there too, with feedback about the book or about any changes you have noticed that I haven’t yet covered in these updates. Like the Happy Tango Facebook page and get all these updates direct into your Facebook feed.

Meanwhile, Happy Tango in Buenos Aires to you all!


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For readers already carrying Happy Tango in their tango shoe bag, here are three snippets of good news, each adding a little extra to the details already included in the first edition of Happy Tango: Sallycat’s Guide to Dancing in Buenos Aires.

As I am in the UK right now, these updates have reached me via friends in Buenos Aires, and I’ve confirmed them by checking the various websites involved… if you have anything to add (after visiting and trying them out for yourself) that may help other Happy Tango readers, please leave a comment on this post, or on the relevant post on the book’s Facebook page. Useful feedback is always welcome.

Escuela Tango Brujo: re-opened for tango classes (and closed again**!)

** On 2 December 2010 I called at Tango Brujo to look for shoes and discovered the whole building empty. It seems that the revival I mentioned in the following item was short-lived. A notice in the November edition of magazine el Tangauta announces a break of activities (farewell?) and so for now that appears to be the end of classes, clothes and shoes from Tango Brujo, for a while at least. I will keep an eye on Esmeralda 754 but if you go down there today expecting a tango school or indeed anything else tango related, you will be disappointed.**

My original post (for the record)…

This is great news for fans of Tango Brujo and is an update to Happy Tango, Appendix A: 10 Tango Schools, the Tango Brujo entry on page 203. The school has re-opened for business, and has a new Blog dedicated to the tango school and its classes at http://www.escuelatangobrujo.blogspot.com/.

I remember the day I went to make my final check around the 10 Tango Schools that I was including in the first edition of Happy Tango; this popular one was closed for renovation, with no firm date for re-opening… I’d mentioned it a few times in the book, and I was a little panicked — Should I include it? What if it never re-opens? I thought; perhaps you can imagine my concerns as a first-time guide book author. So, now, I’m glad I trusted my instincts and left it in. It seems it’s back and alive and kicking at its usual address, Esmeralda 754 in the Microcentro. Check the Escuela Tango Brujo Blog to get an idea of the school’s character and, once in Buenos Aires, call in to find out if its style (described on the website as a ‘traditional and modern experience’) could suit you.

El Amague, Tango Escuela estilo Milonguero: the locations for tango classes and práctica

Days before I had to close changes to the final version of Happy Tango, El Amague Tango Escuela became homeless — yet another scenario to set the heart of a tango guide book author all a flutter… could I include it without an address? I decided I could because the school’s website is usually kept up to date. I trusted that El Amague’s dedicated owners would find a new location for their classes, and I kept it in the book. Once again I made the right decision. The school, which teaches ‘estilo milonguero’, is going strong, and I am delighted to make this update to Happy TangoAppendix A: 10 Tango Schools, the El Amague entry on page 202.

Classes are held on Mondays and Thursdays from 8pm at Alsina 1774 PB1 (update January 2011, the Friday night classes and práctica are no longer operating). Full details can be found (and you should always check them before setting out) on the El Amague Blog at http://www.elamague.blogspot.com/. Enjoy!

GretaFlora: a new tango shoe store to open in Recoleta

This is an update to Happy TangoAppendix B: 10 Tango Shoe Stores, the GretaFlora entry on page 207. From the 1st October GretaFlora will be the proud owners of a new shoe store in Recoleta at Uruguay 1295. The Palermo store remains at Acuña de Figeroa 1612, so ladies, you will have a choice of where to buy their gorgeous shoes that bear flowers and gents, you get a double dose of luscious leather too (small update, having visited the new store on 2 December 2010 — no gents shoes there, and the ladies shoes are beautiful but are mainly soled for the street and not for the dance floor, because apparently the Palermo store has the dance shoe focus; what they do have in the Recoleta shop are a huge range of gorgeous clip on flowers so you can dress up a plain pair of shoes if you are the creative type, but they have these in Palermo too, so I still say if you are a tango dancer, try the Palermo store first!)

Here’s the flyer from GretaFlora and I am sure they will not mind me passing it on to you.

So, there you are. Three small but important updates to enhance your tango travels, brought to you by Happy Tango: Sallycat’s Guide to Dancing in Buenos Aires.

Many Happy Tangos in Buenos Aires to you all!


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