Since its publication in 2010, Happy Tango has received over 50 ‘five star’ reviews on Amazon worldwide, plus many enthusiastic responses by email, via Facebook message and in person. Here’s a sample of what people have written.

Happy Tango is completely spot-on! This book should be handed out at Ezeiza airport to all those with tango shoes in their suitcase… Sally’s ‘11 Rules’ for dancing in BsAs and the ‘20 Places to Try First’ are simply brilliant…”

“After just returning from my eighteenth trip to Buenos Aires, I can say that Sally’s book passes my credibility test with flying colors — her accuracy in describing parts of the scene I know about gives me great confidence in relying on her information about parts that are unfamiliar to me.”

“Great!!!! If you only take one book with you, this should be the one.”

“If you’re going to Buenos Aires, you need this book. Read it before you go; wear out its pages while you are there. Sally has done an excellent job of taking just enough of the mystery out of what can be an intimidating scene… If you dance Argentine tango, you will love this book.”

“No stone has been left unturned regarding the ‘must knows’ of tango in BA… Even after much research since my last trip, nothing measures up to this book.”

“Essential!! Applicable to tango dancers worldwide AND is a MUST BUY if you plan to dance in BsAs!”

“… a very easy, extremely informative read and the advice given is absolutely brilliant.”

“This is an absolute ‘must’ companion for you while embarking on your tango adventures in Buenos Aires… I know that I have discovered things that would have otherwise taken me months to find.”

“I could have saved hours trawling through tango blogs trying to gather information if I had had this little book.”

“Priceless advice at a reasonable price”

“… clearly the best available introduction to the Buenos Aires tango world — and it’s equally useful for us domestic tangueros and tangueras. Sally’s insights are based on her practical experience among dancers, and she delivers her message with wit and verve… Do not visit a milonga again till you’ve read and absorbed her book!”

Happy Tango provides readers with the inside scoop on the Buenos Aires tango scene and is an absolute ‘must read’ for any visitor — first timer or repeat traveller. I can attest that Sally’s tips are absolutely bang on and will help the reader really get the most out of their Buenos Aires tango experience.”

“A ‘must read’ whether you are going to dance in Buenos Aires or not!”

“I feel like I’m traveling with a friend… This is a book that will go in my carry-on and be re-read on the plane ride.”

“Covers everything you need to know in one concise text, undiluted by irrelevant information that you may find in general guides, and at the same time acknowledges the emotional aspects of this tango so close to the heart.”

“The level of specificity and detail in the book cannot be stated enough. I feel like I have been given a complete dossier on Buenos Aires and the Argentine tango scene…”

“Sally encourages you to find the venues where you feel most comfortable, to find your ‘tango home’, and this helped me a lot in deciding where to go in the evening… packed with useful tips… an indispensable tango dance guidebook for Buenos Aires.”

“… a great read for every tango dancer — even if you are only dreaming of heading off to dance in Buenos Aires…”

“If you’re going to Buenos Aires to dance tango you should make Happy Tango your bible. It’s a one-stop shop for everything you need — and that’s what I’ll be telling all the tango dancers I know!”

“She understands the tango scene, and the problems foreign tourists can face, more than most — in fact, probably more than anyone.”

“Excellent book — totally accurate and helpful… Well worth the money.”

“This book will turn a good tango holiday into the trip of a lifetime. Don’t leave for Buenos Aires without it!” Steve Morrall, Tango UK

“A well-written, sane, straightforward book about tango in BsAs and elsewhere. I like it, and will recommend it widely to beginners especially. Everybody needs to read the ‘Rules’. Great job!”
Andreas Wichter teacher and DJ at the Tangokombinat

“… a very well-written, clear and sensible guide to the experience of dancing tango in Buenos Aires and Sally’s tone is rational and no-nonsense… I would VERY highly recommend this book to anyone who is visiting Buenos Aires for the first time.”  Terpsichoral Tangoaddict Buenos Aires based dancer and blogger at

“With lovely stories, self-declared ‘Sallycat Spanglish’ and disarming honesty, this book is a great read. It is an invaluable tool for those planning a tango holiday and a lovely insight for those who are not.”
Carole Edrich for Dance Today Click here to read the full review (2011)

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