Obelisco Tango, 1056 Entre Rios

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Post updated 28 June 2014.
Thanks to all who have provided info on this venue!

It was new in 2013 and purpose built for tango. The organisers have rushed to hold their milongas behind its doors. I first visited on a Friday night and liked its trad vibe and spacious feel — I’ve been back lots since that first time! Here’s the current schedule:

Monday 4pm to 10pm and moved from Ideal, El Abrazo Tango Club (also continues in Ideal on Fridays), organised by Diego Alvaro y Zoraida Fontclara with DJ Gabriela Laddaga

Tuesday 6pm to 2am, Inolvidable organised by Juan Lencina (joint organiser of La Cachila in Gricel on Thursdays) and Nestor Astarita with DJ Carlos Rey

Friday 5pm to 3am, Milonga de BsAs (Facebook page here) organised by Carlos Gallego with DJs Vivi La Falce and Dany Borelli

Saturday 9pm to 4am, Cachirulo (also continues in El Beso on Tuesdays) organised by Norma and Hector with DJ Carlos Rey

Sunday 6pm to 1am, Alo Lola 

I’ll update this post as more milongas open in Obelisco Tango, watch this space! Meanwhile, it’s super we have a new venue instead of a venue closing, very positive stuff, and I wish all at Obelisco Tango and all the organisers great SUCCESS!

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